5 Best Tips To A Cheaper Auto Insurance For Older Drivers

Finding auto insurance for the older drives can be a costly affair because insurance does cost more for them. This is because they are seen to be more accident-prone than their middle-aged counterparts, and this is due to decreased hearing or vision, health conditions, slow reflexes and use of medication. Insurance companies say that the senior drivers usually suffer more fatalities and graver injuries than younger people, hence making it expensive to treat them. These factors are what makes the claim costs go up, and these are usually passed to the drivers.

The insurance cost does go down when a driver reaches 50 years because they have a lot of experience, reliable hearing and vision, quick reflexes and are in good health. The cost goes up from the age of 70 years and above, so it is important to note that when buying insurance. However, there are ways that you can reduce the cost, get discounts, and get the best auto insurance rates. Some of these ways include with the following 5 best tips:
1. Install security devices to your car such as collision warning systems, lane drift and parking assistant, which prevent you from having accidents and claims. Make sure that you check with the insurance if they do offer discounts before buying any device.
2. Drive less which means reduced miles, and it leads to reduced premium and increase in the voluntary excess. You may get the pay as you drive insurance where a device will track the number of miles you drive, how you brake, how fast you drive and how many hours per day you drive. Let your insurer know that you drive for leisure hence reduced miles and they will give you a limited mileage policy.
3. You may change the primary driver, and this is by switching your driver to be a younger person. A car that is driven by a younger person attracts lower insurance rates.  Drive carefully and don’t pick any bad habits while driving and this will reduce the premium by about 5-15 percent.
4. Take a defensive car training class that can be tailored towards older drivers, and you will brush up your driving skills and learn about how to accommodate the aging changes safely while driving.
Choose a car that is cheaper because they cost less to insure as they don’t require a lot of things to repair and replace. Safe and experienced drivers also drive them, and they protect the drivers and passengers in accidents. Join an online forum or owners club such as AARP and become a member and this will help you get an “affinity discount.”
5. Car insurance premium does vary widely in different insurance companies, so it is important to start shopping early for the car insurance and get to compare quotes. Also, check what type of car insurance discount is being offered in which state for older drivers and make sure that you do read the terms and conditions of the car insurance premium to ensure that you are getting the best value for the cover you are paying for.